First AGM of the John-Henry-Pope Cultural Centre

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The John-Henry-Pope Cultural Centre in Cookshire-Eaton received strong participation from citizens at its first annual general meeting. During the evening, a number of ideas for its future development were raised, such as organizing a “sound and brioche” event in the heart of Cookshire.

The mission of the John-Henry-Pope Cultural Centre is to ensure and promote culture and artists. Its aim is to encourage the various art forms in the region, and participate in elaborating cultural concepts. Among the projects envisaged are offering presentations and workshops, inviting members of the public as well as children in both French-speaking and English-speaking schools, and involving the public and business people. The director of communications, Claudia Racine, a native of Cookshire-Eaton, aspires to “create links with other cultural centres, attract visitors and develop strategies.” For Gilles Denis, “everything remains to be done, we’ll move forward step by step,” he said. Denis made a first gesture toward diversity and the promotion of culture by awarding an artwork by Luc Pallegoix to Jinny and Martin Mailhot of the CDC du HSF. They will have the opportunity to exhibit the painting in their office for a year. Denis hopes that others will follow his example by launching initiatives, and he invites interested persons to propose their ideas. “Invent and dream with us,” he said.

Besides the formalities of the AGM, a large part of the evening was given to exchanges and discussion concerning the support of culture. Visibly moved by the engagement of the participants showing such a great interest, Gilles Denis, outgoing president of the board of directors, reminded them that the cultural centre was much more than just a physical place. It was interesting to note the involvement of community members such as Édith Cournoyer of the Centre de services éducatifs populaires du HSF, who suggested, “with Facebook, we can develop and participate together.” Martin Lefebvre, of Oracle Audio in Sherbrooke offered similar comments. Manon Élisabeth Carrier of the Scies à chaîne Claude Carrier mentioned that, as a business person, she has a role to plan. She invites her clients to visit the art gallery. “People are receptive, you just have to reach out to them,” she said.

Jinny Mailhot, president of the meeting, and Martin Mailhot, secretary, led the AGM. Following the elections for the new board of directors, the candidates proposed and retained were Gilles Denis, Alain Coulombe, Michelle Amy Lepitre, Manon Élisabeth Carrier and Amélie Lemay-Choquette. During the first meeting of the new board, the board members will elect the officers from among their number.

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