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Sentier artistique : A Disappointing Turnout


The recent edition of the Sentier artistique des Hauts-Boisés saw one of its lowest number of visitors since its inception 8 years ago. Member of the group since the very beginning, the artist Denis Palmer was not able, a month later, to pinpoint the reasons for this low participation.

“It was not a success. Myself, I had fewer than half the visitors as usual, and it was almost the same for the other participants! It’s very discouraging for everyone. Especially for the people who are new.” Mr. Palmer said he received 24 people throughout the weekend. Usually, that’s the number he would receive on Sunday alone. “For me and Normand Gladu, (another artist involved since the very beginning), we are retired. Economically, it’s not so important for us to be successful. We are just happy to open our workshop and meet the public. But for other, younger people with families, it may be more important.”

Is it the weather, the high number of activities offered during the weekend, the dispersion of artists over the region, a somewhat deficient organization. or other reasons? Mr. Palmer suggests that it could be a little of all that. “It requires a little more curiosity from visitors.”

Obviously disappointed with the 2019 edition, Mr. Palmer is far from speaking of the last one. He notes the importance for young artists to make themselves known and discover others. This year, the group was nine artists. For three days, art lovers and others had the opportunity to meet them, visit their workshop and, for some, discuss their art, their way of doing things, their inspiration and many other subjects. Artists interested in sharing their passion included Gwendolyn Rivera from Artemysia Mystica, a herbalist specializing in natural, health and beauty products; Bout du Chemin / Tammy and Gilles, cabinetmakers; Charlene Audrey Chouinard, painter, illustrator, textile designer; Ginette Bertrand (Djinn), painting, sculpture, music; Louise Bélisle, feather jewelry, drawing, sculpture and molding; Wendy Main, stained glass, photography, glass mosaic; Meaghan Cuggy, painting; Denis Palmer, drawing and watercolor; and Normand Gladu, mixed techniques, environmental and contemporary sculptures.

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