Municipal Elections 2021 : Races in 11 Municipalities


The political face of municipalities is likely to change after the municipal elections of November 7. The adversaries total 64 candidates, including 13 for mayoral positions in six municipalities and 51 contenders to fill the 24 available councillor seats. One third of the candidates for the councillor positions are women.
The evening of the 7th, citizens of the municipalities of Westbury and Bury could find themselves with a brand new municipal council. In Westbury, all the elected officials are up for election, including the mayor. In Bury, only one councillor seat was filled without opposition, that occupied by Alain Villemure, seat number 4. In addition to a two-person battle for the position of mayor in Ascot Corner, two councillor seats, 4 and 5, are up for election. In Dudswell, citizens will have to decide among three candidates for mayor, but also between the candidates competing to fill seats 2 and 6. In Chartierville, two councillor seats are up for election, namely 4 and 6. In Weedon, taxpayers will have to determine which of five candidates will fill seats number 3 and 5.
In East Angus, three candidates are fighting for seat number 2. In Cookshire-Eaton, apart from the position of mayor, only seat 6 will be up for election. Over in Lingwick, only seat number 5 is up for election. In addition to a contest for the position of mayor in Newport, citizens will have to decide who will fill seat number 6. In Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton, voters will have to choose between one of the two candidates for seat 3. For Hampden, all the positions are filled with the exception of seat number 1 which is still vacant.
In La Patrie and Scotstown, all the positions were filled without opposition.
Re-elected Mayors
The mayor of East Angus, Lyne Boulanger, is quite proud of her unopposed re-election. “It is with pride that we receive it. It’s a great reward for our work. For me, to represent the town of East Angus, I find it a privilege. The slogan, My City, My Life, is true for me. I give myself 100%, even more.” Ms. Boulanger is also pleased with the re-election of board members. “It’s fun to see that. It means that people are proud of the work that we have done and that we have accomplished. We have a great municipal team, we work well together,” she added.
The talkative mayor of La Patrie, Johanne Delage, is not really surprised at her unopposed re-election. She attributes her victory to her involvement in the community. “I’m really involved in the community. The 257 is a major issue and it was my main cause, along with the community gardens, the public market, the flowers. That’s largely due to my involvement, I know that. That’s what people tell me. I’m in everything, I’m everywhere,” she laughed. Ms. Delage is starting a second consecutive term.
Chartierville Mayor Denis Dion attributes his re-election to the confidence people have in him. “Everybody trusts me. I work hard for the municipality, whether it is for development or for good management, I think I deliver.” As well, the mayor would like to thank the population for this mark of confidence. Mr. Dion will begin a third consecutive term in this position. He began his political career as an advisor in 2012 and subsequently replaced the then mayor, Jean Bellehumeur, mid-term. In Hampden, the mayor re-elected without opposition, Bertrand Prévost, is particularly satisfied that all the outgoing elected officials have been reconfirmed in their respective seats. “We have to believe that our citizens are satisfied with the management of the council. They have confidence in their council.” Mr. Prévost will therefore begin his fourth term as mayor. He began his political career as a city councilor 16 years ago. However, one councillor’s seat is still not filled. The mayor expressed his intention to send a letter to citizens inviting them to get involved and fill the available seat.

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