Sawyerville Seed Festival : Sowing Encounters and Exchanges

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Participants had an opportunity to make purchases in person.

The 7th edition of the Seed Festival organized by the Sawyerville Community Garden gave more than a few citizens and entrepreneurs an opportunity to sow encounters, exchanges and collaborations. About twenty kiosks and several speakers were present at the event, attended by about a hundred citizens ready to prepare their gardens.
For Chantal Bolduc, the event’s organizer, the results of the activity outstripped her expectations. Visitors had the opportunity to meet local artisans and producers as well as seed producers. “ We have great quality; they produce really ecological, really healthy food. It’s really an honour, it’s a pleasure to see that we have so many people who make such high quality products,” enthused Bolduc. This year, in addition to vegetable seeds, growers also offered a large selection of flower seeds. One entrepreneur also explained how a tower garden works, for gardening in winter.
In all, four speakers made presentations during the day. Chantal Parent began, talking about insomnia, the causes and the plants related to it. Les Maraîchers de l’or vert spoke about winter gardening. The Hôtes Épinettes offered a workshop on preparing seedlings, and the Jardins des Bocages discussed living soils, microbiota and superfoods. Members of the Sawyerville Community Garden prepared a heart-warming dinner for participants.
Bolduc also mentioned that it is always possible to rent a 40-foot garden bed at the Community Garden at the cost of $20 per year. Compost and garden tools are provided to participants. Interested persons can contact the persons responsible at The garden is scheduled to open near the end of May.

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