Tax Clinic


The Centre d’Action Bénévole would like to thank all volunteers for giving of their time for free, to file tax returns, in English and in French, for hundreds of people in the Haut-Saint-François region.

The Centre d’Action Bénévole would also like to reiterate that it continues to uphold the volunteer program criteria, since initially providing this service more than 25 years ago. “As a volunteer taking part in the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program, administered jointly by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec, …I undertake to decline any remuneration for services I provide under the income tax assistance program”. No remuneration is paid to the Centre’s volunteers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who, where possible through their contribution, help promote the deployment of local services across our vast rural region in the MRC. With regards to the suggested $5 contribution, the recipient of the service is not required to give this; it is at their discretion. The amounts collected through these contributions are exclusively used to cover costs such as: printing of documents, distribution of the clinic calendars, postage fees, USB keys, internet charges, shredding of documents, mileage and meal costs for the volunteers. The $5 contribution therefore supports us in enabling volunteers to provide local service, wherever possible, across the various municipalities in our MRC.

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