Volunteers Appreciated in Bury

“What can I say? It’s a cemetery!” said Austin Bailey, when Mayor Walter Dougherty asked him to describe his work for the Grace United Cemetery.

Volunteer groups in Bury, an amazing 20 of them in a population of only about 1200, were honoured on April 25 at the Municipality of Bury’s first Volunteer Appreciation Evening. Some 60 volunteers were treated to a bountiful buffet of salads, coldcuts, desserts and wine. The Armoury Community Centre resounded with conversation and laughter.

«Usually we’re the ones that are catering to the community, and setting up and cleaning up for events,» said Tony De Melo. « And I just think it was marvellous that someone was doing it for us.» De Melo is a member of the Canterbury Committee of the Bury Historical and Heritage Society.

After dinner, Mayor Walter Dougherty presented 20 framed certificates of appreciation to the groups and each recipient described the work of their group.

«I thought it was a nice gesture, and it was a fine way for all the different community groups to get to know each other, and to know what we all do,» commented De Melo.

The groups honoured were the Bury Athletic Association, Women’s Institute, Brookbury Community Centre, Bury United Cultural Centre, Centre de loisirs de Bury, Jolly Seniors, Canadian Legion Branch 48, The Bury Image, St. Paul’s Rest Home, Bury Historical and Heritage Society, Municipal Library, Viactive, Paroisse St-François-de-Laval – Bury Sector, Bury Cemetery Association, Bown Cemetery, Grace United Cemetery, St. Paul’s Guild and Anglican Church, Bury Sunrays, and three volunteers who cleared the skating rink all winter.

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